Below, you will find a list of our frequently asked questions (FAQ) on our logo design process. Please contact us if you have other questions or need advice.
Q: I’m from another country will this be a problem?
A: Absolutely not. There should be no problems at all no matter where you are. That is the sole purpose of having our business online.
Q: How can I pay for my logo design?
A: All payments are securely processed through Paypal.
Q: How will I know if my payment is accepted?
A: If payment is made by Mastercard or Visa, you will be notified instantly upon submitting your credit card information on our secure server.

If you wish to pay by American Express or Paypal, you will forwarded to Paypal’s web site. Once you submit your credit card, you will then be forwarded back to LogoTwister site if payment is a success.

If payment by certified check or money order, one of our representatives will confirm your payment once we receive it.

Q: Which package should I choose? What about upgrading?
A: We understand that businesses, especially new and rapidly expanding ones, are constantly changing. Your needs for this week may not be the same next month. Our range of design packages is structured to accommodate the simplest project to the most elaborate vision. Besides, if you decide after placing your order that you require additional services, you can always upgrade your package later- no charges, no fees. We only charge you the difference in price.
Q: How can I send the information which I would like you to use when designing my logo?
A: We give you the opportunity, right from the time you order, to send us all the information we need to start your logo. Our online questionnaire gives us insight into your business, audience, and market as well as your personal preferences and tastes.
Q: How long does it take before I can see my samples?
A: Your samples will be ready for viewing within 4 business days after we receive your payment and all necessary details to begin the design process.
Q: Is all of the work handled via the Internet?
A: Most communication occurs over the Internet. Your logos are posted in your private viewing page where you will be able to submit your comments. Your are also assigned a project manager who will be available to you at all times during the design process either by email or toll free phone.
Q: What if I am not satisfied with any of the initial concepts?
A: We will present you with a completely new set of designs. If after the second round you are still not satisfied we will refund you your money, less a $45.00 service fee.
Q: How many revisions may I ask for once I have selected a concept that I like?
A: Our main concern is creating a logo that is right for you, so we never limit the number of revisions you can make to a logo concept. You’ll find that other companies in the business set a limit on revisions, and then charge you high hourly rates to continue the process.
Q: What is the turnaround time for changes/modifications to my initial concepts?
A: Changes take between two and four business days to complete. The more complex the changes, the longer it may take.
Q: Do you provide trademark services?
A: We do not provide trademarking services.
Q: Do you retain any rights to the final logo design?
A: You are the sole owner of your logo design. LogoTwister doesn’t make any claims on the final design.
Q: What is the difference between a corporate image and an illustration?
A: There is a substantial difference between Corporate Designs and Illustrated Logos. Corporate Designs are simple but yet unique and memorable images that are highly recognizable from any reasonable distance and size. An example would be Nike’s “swoosh” and McDonald’s “arches”. Illustrated logos require more complex artwork. The turnaround for these types of logos is 5-6 business days. The price for Illustration logos vary depending on your needs. Please view our  illustration design service for more information.
Q: Do your logo packages include illustration design?
A: None of our logo packages include Illustrated logos. Illustrations will be quoted on a custom quote basis.
Q: How will I receive my final files?
A: All final files will be emailed to you and you will also be able to download your final files directly from our server. You may also purchase a CD-Rom with a backup of your logo files.
Q: What formats will I receive?
A: The following formats are included in all our packages: ai (adobe illustrator), pdf (acrobat), esp (encapsulated postscript), psd (photoshop), gif (graphic interfile format), jpeg (joint professional experts group), bmp (bitmapped), and tiff (tagged image file format)

A file called LOGO_KIT_README.pdf is included in with your final files. This file will explain all the different file formats and their application.

Q: I’m having a sign made, do I receive a format that my sign maker can use?
A: Yes, your sign maker will want to use the EPS version of your logo that is included in the final formats. The EPS is a vector file that can be scaled to any size without losing any quality.
Q: Is the stationery you design compatible with Word and can I print it on a desktop printer?
A: Our stationery designs are meant for professional print output. You can send these files to any professional printer to have them printed. If you prefer to print your own letterhead, envelopes, or business cards, we can create custom Word templates compatible with your printer.
Q: I printed out the logo existing on line on my printer and the colors are different than the ones I see on the screen!
A: Please note first that screen colors vary depending on the make of your monitor and its settings. Furthermore, there’s always a difference between printed colors and screen colors. Monitors use RGB colors while printers use CMYK colors. RGB colors are made by mixing light beams, CMYK colors are made by mixing inks. While manufacturers try to make these two systems match as closely as possible, they will never be exact.Additive color, or RGB mode, is optimized for display on computer monitors. The printing world operates in subtractive color, or CMYK mode. Keep in mind that the two processes are totally different. Additive color emanates directly from a light source. Subtractive color comes from light which is reflected off of an object from a light source. Because additive color comes to our eyes directly (unless it is filtered), it is purer color and is able to represent a broader range of the spectrum than subtractive color. For this reason, even under the best circumstances, additive and subtractive color will never match exactly. Be warned that there is absolutely no way to get that deep RGB blue you see on your monitor using CMYK, no matter how much we want to.
Q: Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?
A: You may contact us here.
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