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Below, you will find a list of our frequently asked questions (FAQ) on our reseller program. Please contact us if you have other questions.
Q: What is the LogoTwister Reseller Program?
A: The LogoTwister Reseller program is designed for companies wishing to add logo design to their services offered, without hiring a specialized design team. By outsourcing the work, your company gets all the credit and minimizes administrative duties.. Your clients remain completely unaware of our involvement throughout the process.
Q: How do I get set-up as a LogoTwister reseller?
A: 1. Fill out the reseller application form.
2. One of our representatives will review your application and contact you to discuss the program and answer your questions if any.
3. Upon approval, we will set you up your account.
4. You’re ready to start selling logos!
Q: I don’t want to use the web page setup that you provide. Can other arrangements be made?
A: Absolutely! Some resellers have different requirements. We work with you to find a resale set-up that works for you and your clients. No matter what system you choose you enjoy the same great discount (15%) and can set the prices you want.
Q: Do you require a minimum number of orders from resellers?
A: Yes. We ask that out resellers order a minimum of two orders per month to continue getting discounts.
Q: What discount will resellers receive on logo design intended for resale?
A: Resellers receive a 15% discount on all our packages and services. Additional savings can be applied depending on volume of monthly orders.
Q: Do resellers need to stick to the suggested retail price?
A: No. Resellers can charge whatever they like for the design services they sell.
Q: What if my clients prefer to conduct business over the phone?
A: Most clients find the web based system easier, however if you are collecting information over the phone, simply forward the information to LogoTwister.
Q: How can I be sure that my customers will be satisfied with your work?
A: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and don’t limit the number of revisions. We keep working on the job until it is perfect.
Q: Are there any fees or charges I pay to get set-up as a reseller?
A: There are no set-up fees or additional charges to become a LogoTwister reseller. You only pay the discounted price of the packages you order. That’s it. All we ask is that you process at least two orders per month.
Q: Can the pages and forms be customized?
A: Absolutely. Our email and web templates can be modified to fit seamlessly with your current website design.
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