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You want to offer your clients high quality, professional logos. You want to maintain your business’ reputation for fast, top quality work. You want to offer the services of a full design team without the hassle of assembling your own. You’ll find everything you want in LogoTwister’s reseller program.

The LogoTwister Reseller program is designed to put your business in front; your clients never see our name on any of the work or services provided.
Increase your services and your profits. With LogoTwister, you get what you want.

The LogoTwister Reseller Program is ideal for:
Web Design / Software Development Companies
Printing Companies
IT Firms
Marketing Professionals
Experts in Layout and Graphic Design
Business Start-Up Consultants
Domain Registrars
And More…
The Benefits
The LogoTwister Reseller program makes outsourcing easy. You earn money and get credit for all the work we provide. Why you’ll love LogoTwister:

web design, web site design Your customers get top quality logos with zero overhead cost
Your reputation grows: you receive full credit for all the work.
Your savings are assured: you’ll save 15% on all of our services.
Your profits are unlimited; the base costs are fixed, you charge what you want.
Your job is simple: we can setup a section on your website where your clients will be able to view proofs and make changes
How It Works
Step 1: Sign up for our reseller program! We’ll set you up with the logo viewing web page (where you’re customers will be able to see their logo designs), questionnaires and feedback forms for your clients.

Step 2: When clients order logos from you, simply send us the information and we’ll do the rest. We bill you the cost of whichever logo package they order, less a special 15% reseller discount.

Step 3: 4 business days later, we will upload the logo designs to your customer’s account (on your website) and you can send your client the link where they want view their new logos. LogoTwister provides you with this page at no extra cost: it’s all part of the reseller package!.

Step 4: Your clients can view proofs, request changes, and review revisions all through the web interface we help you set up. Comments are automatically forwarded to us (you receive a copy too) and we keep track of the designs and changes. The whole process can be done exclusively through the site- no need for you to process all the communications. Throughout the process we ensure that our identity is concealed. Your client never knows about our involvement- they only see the great job you’ve done for them.

Best of all you can promise 100% satisfaction because we keep working until the client is happy, with no limit on revisions. You get our best work every time. Guaranteed.

Reseller F.A.Q.
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