Are you interested in having a slogan design that will complement your logo? Our brand development team will create your company slogan that will help you establish your brand and build awareness within your target market. An effective slogan assists in the development of brand awareness. It must express the nature of your business within the frame work of a promotional campaign or advertising strategy. What makes for an effective corporate slogan design?
A slogan must differentiate a company from its competitors
A slogan must summarize an organizations philosophy
Slogans must be simple to comprehend and memorable
A slogan must evoke customer confidence via brand loyalty
A slogan must articulate a firm’s identity, purpose and methods

Stage 1: 8-10 concept presented. Feedback from no more than 3 people at your company

Stage 2: Refine, reword of the selected slogan Feedback from same 3 people at your company.

Stage 3: Final tagline, we’ll do a cursory check on as well as general Internet research to see if they’re available.*

Tagline / Slogan in 4 Business Days for $199 USD
8-10 Slogan Concepts.
3-8 Words Max.

Our slogan development service is not refundable.
*Not responsible for full trademark search (through attorney)

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